PROJECT TITLE: INNOVET – Fostering INNOvation in VET through the exchange of good practices

PROJECT REFERENCE: 2020-1-BE02-KA202-074784

INNOVET During two years, partners collected 2 successful initiatives on the Theme of Internationalisation of education and Technology and Industry 4.0 in VET that served as a basis for the creation of an innovative Thematic Seminar addressed to VET teacher. The most relevant initiatives have been summarised in a good practices catalogue available for the general public in which every practitioners can find key information and contact details of the responsible person in the institution.

The thematic seminar format, which was piloted Online (2021) and Lyon (2022), is based on the peer-learning approach and makes great use of methodologies for the active engagement of participants, with the aim to create bridges among European VET providers and their stakeholders. Participant also had the opportunity to know more about how the three drivers of excellence are tackled in the local dimension in all partners’ countries thanks to study visits, students testimonies and keynote speeches.

To set up such events, partners brought together their competences and developed new skills: the main lessons learnt have been summarised in a Handbook, an agile set of guidelines for practitioners interested in replicating similar events.

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