PROJECT TITLE: CONNECTING EUROPE! – Connecting Europe through Blended Mobilities under the Erasmus+ programme
PROJECT REFERENCE: 2021-1-FI01-KA220-VET-000034881

CONNECTING EUROPE! is a project that brings together VET schools and intermediary organisations from Finland, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Malta and Greece to share experiences and find new solutions to the challenges of learning mobility.

To be able to provide students with successful and gratifying learning experiences there is the need to gain understanding in and accept the realities in which intermediary organizations and VET providers work. The Covid-19 pandemic made it clear how vulnerable current ways of organizing mobilities are and forced mobility actors to rethink the way they work with internationalization of students. Sharing existing practices, obstacles and partners’ experiences will allow the partneriat to create and evaluate (existing) tools and methods that enable mobility providers to deliver qualitative blended Erasmus+ mobilities and merge these experiences in the project results that will be developed within CONNECTING EUROPE!

Connecting Europe will produce the following outputs:

  1. A virtual preparation course that will train VET students within the hospitality, technical and healthcare sector for their Erasmus+ KA1 mobility and gives them the skills needed to work in a multicultural environment
  2. Tools that enable VET providers to identify and recognize 21st century skills and other soft skills that helps VET students succeed in the world of work but that are currently not identified and recognized formally due to a lack of instruments,Both products will be used beyond the project’s lifespan when sending and hosting students on Erasmus+ mobilities.

1 training event will be held approximately halfway of the project to pilot the Project Results on students in Hospitality, Healthcare and Technical sector to collect feedback and language and visual aspects to make the outputs more user-friendly and sustainable.