PROJECT TITLE: Diversity makes us unique
PROJECT REFERENCE: 2021-1-PL01-KA210-SCH-000027221

The aim of the project coordinated by the Polish school “Szkoła Podstawowa ”Parnas” we Wrocławiu” is to exchange best practices in the context of an active approach for tolerance and social inclusion, in the field of ethnic, religious and physical diversity.

Teachers will take part in 5 days of mobility at a partner school in Greece, Spain, Poland or Croatia to exchange experiences in the context of promoting tolerance and diversity in the school environment and beyond. Students participating in the project will go on a week-long school exchange to Spain, Greece, Croatia or Poland, in order to take part in anti-discrimination workshops and to test and improve scenarios developed by teachers.

Main results of the project will be 4 scenarios of anti-discrimination workshops aimed at disseminating the idea of social implementation, openness to otherness and tolerance.

The anti-discrimination workshops will be implemented in partner schools and integrated in the curriculum.