PROJECT TITLE: EQAMOB: European quality assurance for in company learning mobility (for apprentices)
PROJECT REFERENCE: 2014-1-FR01-KA202-008745

The EQAMOB partnership developed the EQAMOB&CO label to recognize high quality In-company Learning Mobility pathways. The project created a community of practitioners aimed to:

  • Inform companies about the opportunity to host and send trainees around Europe;
  • Provide companies with an internationally recognized label that proves their fair engagement in offering high quality in-company training opportunities to learners;
  • Support training centers and companies so that they can offer the best learning opportunity in an international context for their learners.

The project was organised around three content-oriented clusters:

Cluster 1: Quality assurance in learning mobility for apprentices
O1 – Concept paper “Quality assurance framework for learning mobility in apprenticeships”.
O2 – Guidelines and tools for introducing and implementing quality assurance.

Cluster 2: Marketing and communication towards companies
O3 – Marketing strategy & tools & communication tools.

Cluster 3: Awarding system & label (managed by Uniser)
O4 – Awarding toolkit (Compendium about labelling processes and label items).

This project was selected by the French national agency as a good practice.