PROJECT TITLE: Di-struct! – Restructuring Subjects by Digitalising VET

PROJECT REFERENCE: 2022-1-FR01-KA220-VET-000086996

Nowadays, one of the main challenges faced by teachers is the lack of the digital skills to use new technologies in the classroom to make their courses more interactive and more easily usable by mobile students.
In this context the Erasmus Plus Di-struct! Project aims at making educational content more attractive by “restructuring” the teaching approaches taught in schools with the use of digital tools.

The project’s main objective is to increase the level of digitalisation of VET schools by:

  1. Improving the digital skills of teachers in active learning methodologies based on the use if ICTs;
  2. Creating more digital, interactive and attractive content for students.

The Di-struct project will address schools and in particular to VET Teachers, managers, headmasters and VET students.