PROJECT TITLE: Let’s Play Vet!

PROJECT REFERENCE: 2017-1-IT01-KA202-006184

Let’s Play VET! was a project starting from the results of European Badge Alliance whose purpose was to rethink the way subjects are taught in class through the use of “Learning Playlists”. Learning playlists are sets of learning experiences designed to engage students, increase their motivation, and make them acquire competences. They combine different innovative elements: digital tools, Open Badges, connected learning and blended learning.

During the project, the partners have created and tested several Learning Playlists specifically for students attending training courses in graphic design. Some playlists were also developed to valorise the learning potential of Mobility abroad and tested on 15 pilot mobilites carried out in presence and 11 virtual mobilities.

The project has developed 3 intellectual outputs:

O1: a set of innovative teaching modules for the qualification of Graphic Designer and mobility abroad based on the concept of Learning Playlist in English, Italian, hungarian and Spanish.
O2: an E-Learning Platform for hosting VET playlist modules;
O3: guidelines for the creation of VET Playlist curricula addressed to VET providers.